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10 Good CSS Editors to Work On

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A good web code editor is extremely important for both front-end and backend developers. Since, HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any website today, a number of CSS text editors are available according to your needs. Here are a few CSS text editors suggested by Medialinkers web designers to choose from:

  1. Stylizer

Stylize is a CSS text editor available in live preview in various browsers in addition to real-time code editing. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms and has a 14 day free trial version. You can gain full access by paying $79 for a full license.

  1. TopStyle 5

TopStyle 5 is an HTML5 and CSS editor equipped with a number of features. Compatible with different browsers, it helps you preview your code in real-time in addition to version history and auto editing features. Set at a price of $79.95, the limited features demo version is available for free; however, TopStyle 5 is only compatible with windows.

  1. js

Editr.js can be used to CSS text editing. Instead of working locally on a computer, Editr.js runs on a server to host HTML, CSS and Javascript files right from the server. A WordPress plugin is also available for integration with the platform and can be downloaded free of charge from Github. However, it doesn’t support SASS, since it relies on Javascript parsing.

  1. Espresso

Espresso offers intuitive features and interface to provide an effortless coding environment. It is a powerful code editor compatible with different languages like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript in addition to Ruby, Markdon and Python. Espresso comes equipped with a built in CSS Edit 3.

The editor is set at a price of $75 is only available for Mac Users for now. A free of charge trial period is also available.

  1. Rapid CSS

Rapid CSS is available with features such as syntax highlights, instant preview and CSS code checker and inspector etc. it is also available in support with FTP and SFTP upload to a web server. Rapid CSS is available for $29.95 and also offers a free trial available only for the Window users.

  1. Simple CSS

Simple CSS is a simple and easy to use CSS text editor offering control of your code. However, it doesn’t include any sophisticated features and offers only simple CSS editing features such as create, import and manage and export your CSS projects. Available for free, Simple CSS runs on Windows and Mac Platforms.

  1. Coda 2

Coda 2 is a slim editor and offers features more like a coding application. It offers live previews of code and also comes with a CSS support. You can install plugins to enhance its features such as additional color options, FTP uploads Foundation framework by ZURB to extend the Coda 2 functionality. Coda 2 also run on Mac and costs only $99.

  1. Style Master

Style Master is a simple WYSISYG CSS editor with features such as FTP support and live previews. It also supports PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby in addition to other sites. It also comes with support from both Mac and Windows machines and is priced at $59.99. A 30 day free demo is also available.

  1. EngInSite CSS Editor

EngInSite CSS Editor is available with instant code previews, syntax validators and CSS editing auto tools. It is also a lightweight editor which you can run on any machine even the good old Windows 98. However, it doesn’t come equipped with fancy CSS editing features.  EngLnSite is free to use and can run on any window version.

  1. Firebug by Firefox (with CSS Usage)

Firebug by Mozilla Firefox gives you a wealth of developer friendly resources to inspect, edit and monitor code live on a page. You can also use it for modifying and tweaking CSS metrics. You can also add CSS Usage and Web Develop addons to play around with different CSS stylesheet features. Firebug is also available free of cost and requires Mozilla firefox to use it.

Which CSS text editor do you want to use? You can share it with us in the comments below.