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10 Tips to Create Effective Content For Content Marketers


It becomes troublesome to write fresh and engaging content after some years, as ideas become stale and same overtime. However, there are easy ways through which you can get around and some steps to keep in mind while creating effective content as shared below by the Medialinkers digital marketing team :

10 Tips to Creating Effective Content

It is the target audience which determines the content quality. Some useful tips for creating better content is as follow:

Revising Reader Profiles

When was a last time you looked at a reader profile? Development of robust profiles is important to control the content’s direction for finding the best quality. Every profile is distinct but any good profile includes information such as preferences, social habits, pain points and much more.

Providing Readable Text

Your content needs to be readable to make an impression on the readers. It is common to see long articles with long paragraphs of text without headings. Long paragraphs of text is not digestible and needs to be navigable. There are a lot of techniques to making content work for you. Use subheadings, bolded words, bullet points and short paragraphs for organizing the content. This will help readers to scan as much information as possible.

Backlinking to Authority Figures

Quality content is crucial to backlinking. Whenever quoting website content, referring statistics and individuals, quoting someone, make sure to include a reliable source to make the audience connect with it. This not only increases your reputation but also puts the readers at ease for making content more efficient.

Use Multimedia

Content that uses multimedia immediately gets readers’ attention. When inserting images, videos, data visualizations, infographics and multimedia elements, you need to incorporate them into your article.  When integrating media into your content, read out how the others are doing it. Check out the other blogs in your niche so see how the quality visuals are making use of the content.

Creating an Engaging Introduction

Introduction is the most important section in an entire article. Reader’s today have short attention spans

And get easily distracted if the introductory paragraph is not compelling. This is why you need to write an interesting introduction to grab readers’ attention. You can then expand on the points discussed in the article.

Investing in Split Testing

Are you split testing the different content strategy elements. Testing is important for  learning different things and exercising the creativity. You can test different elements such as length of a content, images and headlines to learn what your readers want and engage with.  This will help you to produce the content that your target audience loves.

Question & Answer Platforms

There are question and answer sites such as quora, yahoo answers from where you can brainstorm content ideas. Just post a question regarding the topic you are not sure about and you will be provided with plenty of answers by people there.


You can also visit the different forums to interact with people and check what type of queries they are asking and then write content on it. Present your link there as this will help you to target all those forum audience to your site.

Write on Trending Topics

There are platforms such as buzzsumo, google trends etc from where you can check the trending content to write for your blog or website. Doing so will help you in targeting the audience for your needs.

Improving Content

Development of content takes a lot of effort and time. There are a lot of businesses which are wasting time by working on low quality content. They need to focus on content which engages their audience to offer a positive return on investment.