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12 Tips to Become Good at Front End Development

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The web industry is always changing.  You are continuously challenged in the innovative world of web.  Becoming a great front-end developer requires practice. It is not as hard as you may otherwise think. Some useful tips to get you going are shared below:

Know the Basics

Knowing the basics are crucial to the success of any project regardless of its industry. It is important for you to understand the basics of HTML, CSS and JS before working on technologies such as React,  Handlebars and Sass. You need to become an expert before working on the advanced technologies. There are multiple computer languages available today to carry out the same tasks. This overlap make things complex which makes it important to know the basics. After accomplishing this, you can build a program in a way that makes the most sense.

You need to combine content, design and back-end into something presentable to users, but for doing it in an intelligent way, you need to first conquer your basics.

Using the Right Text Editor

Using a professional text editor such as sublime text for writing HTML/CSS and JS will help to streamline code generation in addition to reducing errors.

Use Plugins to Enhance Your Work Details

There are a number of plugins available to use in the browser, editor and command-line. These will help you in saving your time and make working efficient.

Using Stacks

Spend time to learn about the different front-end authoring frameworks such as NodeJS stack, well-suited to handling complex projects. You also need to work and practice other frameworks such as Gulp, Bower and Yeoman etc.

Type Faster

Increase your typing speed to reduce work time. You can play different touch-type games, if you have not already for fast working.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Memorizing and using the shortcuts will help you in carrying out different things in an efficient way. Instead of clicking here and there, the keyboard shortcuts will help in reducing the time spent in execution of a coding task.

Well-Defined Plan

Have a well-defined plan to carry out tasks beforehand. Redoing the work can become difficult, so plan in advance to work into your contract to get paid for the end results.


HTML and CSS have a specific number of elements in play. Learn the different properties such as elements, attributes and selectors. Learning about the common elements will reduce the time you spend searching on Google. This will also automatically increase the efficiency of your work. You also need to learn how the different browsers can handle the work for you.

Testing Your Work

Learn to test your work in order to reduce errors. Test everything in your mobile browser.

Reuse Work Assets

If there are some work assets which worked well in an old project, keep them handy. You may have to use them again in a new project. It is better to build a library of the patterns often used by you.

Keep Learning

The industry is always changing. Instead of becoming stuck on one thing, keep learning about the different technologies and implement them in your work to become a competitive front end developer.

Work with Industry Experts

You can also learn by working with the industry experts such as  Medialinkers web development team. You can communicate your ideas with them to learn concepts and ideas side by side.