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3 Effective Ways to Ascend Web Rankings in 2016

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Even though the concept of SEO is not new, it still is a mystery for many marketers. It is no doubt a great method to market a business, yet the competition on the internet and hard and fast Google algorithmic rules have made it challenging for sites to grab the number spot in the SERPs. However, SEO is not impossible and can work wonders for a site, if done correctly.

SEOs in the past have always looked for hacks to get around it. This doesn’t work anymore. Everyone today suggests creating quality content in the form of blogs, videos and infographic. People think that using high vocabulary words would guarantee content, but this is not true. Content needs to be written flawlessly, however, it must be written on topics which receive the most attention as only that type of content qualifies for quality in the digital marketing world.

Yet, there are situation in which blogs having quality content lack traffic. So how do you fix it? Well, the answer is plain and simple for any SEO; you require quality backlinks to generate traffic against a blog post. Take Wikipedia for example, it has truck load of links linking it internally and externally to different authority sites of all types.  Focus on quality instead of quantity, and over time you will start seeing good results.

How to Generate Valuable Backlinks?

How to generate quality links against your attention grabbing content? One way to gain Google’s trust is to focus on building relations with relevant bloggers to get links, instead of just focusing on creating low quality links randomly, but this consumes a lot of time and also sometimes become a bit out of reach for the likes of small business owners. Don’t worry, there still are a few hacks shared by Medialinkers Kennesaw SEO team to get around the entire SEO and ranking methodology for any site in no time.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords

Google did release hummingbird update to understand the context of content for displaying the most relevant content to users. But this doesn’t mean that keyword research isn’t important anymore. Yes, the days of keyword stuffing are long gone, but you still need to incorporate quality keywords in a natural looking way at least once or twice for the search engines to pick it up. As a thumb rule, instead of going for short and money keywords use long tail keywords where necessary. You will be surprised to see your traffic results. There are many good keyword research tools such as long tail pro to search good traffic generating keywords.

  1. Tracing Competitors

After a thorough keyword research, the next good thing is to trace the activity of your competitors. Again, there are many good SEO tools using which you can easily get detailed insights related to competitors’ sites including all the important information such as backlinks, referring domains, keywords, anchor texts etc. Add the new links to your backlinking task or share with a link builder.

  1. Remove Low Quality Links

After obtaining keyword and crucial competitor data, analyze your site against all the possible low quality back links and start replacing them with the quality links, you got through competitor analysis report.  Carrying out all these tasks properly will ascend your rankings in SERPs within a few weeks or months.

If you need help in SEO analysis of a site, you can always get in touch with Medialinkers Search Engine Optimization services to not just carryout an SEO audit, but also plan, execute and manage an entire SEO campaign for your site.