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3 Factors to the “Viral” Content Creation

Medialinkers Viral Content Creation

Great content creation requires a steady approach, a lot of research and information at the same time. No one can tell you that ways for the creation of viral content. This is quite surprising, however, there is a formula to create viral content and that’s what’s covered in this blog post.


Just like recipes, there are different ways for the creation of viral content and the strategy that works for me is as follows:

The only three things you require for the creation of viral content are:

  • Timing
  • Network
  • Reliability


For your content to be spread all over the internet, it has to be timed to perfection. You must create your content with timing in mind. Even though you can’t plan for the trending topics, there are various moments and events which you can anticipate. The content that takes a long time for production, having an idea of what and which topic is going to trend would be vital.


Just like timing, a network is equally important. You need to find 50 influential people for sharing your content at the same time and this is how you can make any of your topics written to perfection to go viral. It is extremely simple if you have the influential people in the list to share it for you.


There’s no one on earth that understands building a network better than designer Cyrene Quiamco, who goes by CyreneQ. Cosmopolitan featured her as one of the Internet’s Most Fascinating People. On Snapchat, she can charge $10,000 per Snap. She has found a way to build a network on a platform not built for networking.


One of the practical ways has been described by a designer named Cyrene Quiamco. On Snapchat, she has discovered how to connect to people and grow the network. Even though Snapchat doesn’t give an option for connecting with like-minded people, what she did was created, her site The11thsecond.com and explained for the users’ experience regarding Snapchat.


As Snapchat disappears after 10 seconds, her website is the place where the Snapchatters are able to connect with the content via Snapchat username and BooR codes. What The11thSecond.com does is that it offers usernames being a username directory and showcases saved out content from the creators for serving as an inspiration to the aspiring creators.


Keeping up with the Snapchat numbers is quite hard. Snapchat shows just the active views as the viewers are there to intentionally find the Snapchat account, hoping that the content put by you is worth the time to watch before loading it.


A social influencer David Rhodes says that the key to the creation of viral content is to make it relevant to the users. You need to create something which people can look at and relate to in one way or another.


Also, it’s the ambiguity which separates the viral content from the regular content as it’s relevant to the wide scale audience and is not limited to a certain market niche. Being a content creator, you need to take a step back and analyze the content through the viewer’s eyes if that is something liked by you? The distinction is what determines if something has the capability of going viral.


You can give your audience a reason for sharing your content and for eliciting the emotion. This is how you can get the content shared. A lot of people are quite passionate about the content they use.


Creation of content which people can relate to performs better than the other types of content. Content promotions and publications are important at the same time, but things don’t become viral unless people find a good enough reason and relate it to their own life in some way for sharing it with their friends.


You can also consult with the digital marketing agencies for creating viral content and doing its marketing for you. There are a lot of companies in Atlanta such as Medialinkers, whose SEO department would be happy to cater to your digital marketing requirements.