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3 Popular Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

online marketing

The online marketing like the other technologies is changing at a rapid pace. New changes are introduced in the marketing industry with different techniques every year. The changes are implemented by the marketers to get an edge over competition to get on the front.

Online marketing is becoming competitive. You need a powerful marketing strategy to engage users in different ways. 2016 happens to be a great year for online businesses looking to capture market by adopting the new and effective online marketing trends.

Three of the most popular online marketing trends to watch out for in 2016 are as follow:

Video Marketing

YouTube gets a lot of hits every day with Facebook cashing in about 8 billion video views daily. These two things clearly show how much the users love to watch videos. A lot of studies also show that the web content including videos has higher engagement rates compared to content containing plain text.

It is recommended for you to present information in an interesting way to your audience through the entertaining videos. Rank the videos on the search engine result pages to drive a good lead of traffic to your site. Another great way is to maximize and increase the visibility of your video marketing through the creation of explainer videos. Explainer videos are becoming popular as they explain the business ideas in a few seconds.

Remarketing Content

Remarketing content is about targeting the visitors who do read your content but have not become a lead. A lot of marketing leads believe that remarketing works wonders for business. Through every business is writing e-Books, blogs, articles and emails, however, the trick is to make these effective and grab contact information. This is what content remarketing is all about. It provides you a great chance to target people interested in what you need to offer.

You also need to provide them a quality experience with something new and unique when they are engaging with your content. Remarket ads to close the deal. The effective content piece is a constant reminder for them to visit your website for buying a service.

Rise of Social Media Ads

Social Media has taken the marketing platform by storm due to the continuous increase of user profiles on it. Due to the numerous benefits of social media marketing, paying for the advertising will become a requirement on every social platform. People all over the globe are relying on social media to share information, buy products or check the social profiles about a purchase.

A lot of social networks would adjust their algorithms to encourage people into buying the traffic through paid marketing. Facebook has already done it as in the past, you had to post your link on the personal page for the fans to see and this would direct all the traffic to your site.

Today, you are encouraged to boost a post for maximum number of users, even if you have a huge client base. This means that you need to pay for visibility to check your content.

You can hire a professional online marketing firm such as Medialinkers to plan and run the digital marketing campaign for your company.