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4 Effective Ways to Cross Promote Your Brand


Online marketing is an efficient way to business promotion but there are many channels which are still missed by a lot of marketers. Fortunately, there are several tools, social networks and techniques available using which you can increase the reach and scope of your services and products online. Other than traditional marketing, online marketing content is sustainable. For taking your online campaign to another level, you can think outside the box and embed the cross-promotion in the online marketing strategies. Doing a cross-promotion will help you tap into an already established community to offer qualified leads. Doing it the right way has the capacity to build your brand as suggested by the Medialinkers marketing analysts.

Reach Out to a Non-Competent Brand

Partnering up with a non-competent brand is way to extend your business into new sectors. You can reach out to influencers, local businesses, business outside the current niche and the nonprofit organization. When crafting your posts, you and your business partner must discuss the content nature. As a non-competing business, you must build market relevance to consider a product or service.

Online Businesses to Cross-Promote via Newsletters

Cross-Promotion is famous among mobile apps. Several tools are available to automate the promotion process. When working in a Saas or a general online business, you need to work on this technique. The opportunities are greater when you are in the business to business market.

Cross Promotion Through Social Media

Social media is a hub of traffic generation today. It is a powerful online marketing tool that helps in improving the customer influence and decision-making. According to statistics, 46% of consumer decision influence in buying  product. Cross promoting the social media post will increase the online marketing efforts. You can invest in guest postings and internal link building among other details.

Pinterest Cross-Promotion

Pinterest is not a huge social platform but it is a great cross-promotional tool for the online marketing content. Using separate boards to pin your content not only build links but also helps in generating traffic to it.


Cross-Promotion is a powerful method to tap into an established communities for expanding your reach. Integrating the cross-promotion through the online marketing channels provides you the opportunity to promote your product in front of new potential users without spending lavishly.