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4 Fading Social Media Trends of 2016

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are not the only platforms available today which the marketers need to focus on. With likes, of Snapchat, Blab, Periscope and Instagram they need to balance their marketing activities. However, as new networks come into the picture, so do the best practices surrounding what should or should not be done. Here are 4 social media tips shared by the Medialinkers SEO experts which will fade away.

  1. RT for Retweets

All the options offered by Twitter, retweet is one of the most powerful and influential in driving growth and long term success. First retweet was sent in the year 2007. Retweet is the way to pass information through a tweet from one person to another following you.

The user retweeting gets the notification while the person retweeting gets the content shared to his followers. This is possible without any cut/paste and RT addition.

RT became famous among people for adding a bit of context and commentary. Quote retweets also allow users to share quotes within the 140 character count.

  1. Adding Multiple LinkedIn Connections

The number of LinkedIn connections was seen as an honor. Today, it simply indicates that an individual is a collector or looking to spam people online.

What you need to do?

  • Do not add people to LinkedIn account
  • Add context if you want to connect with someone for the first time
  • Establish the relationship before selling products or services

When adding a connection, give some context in the initial message. Do not give off the vibe that you are only interested in increasing the following number as this will create a spam image in the mind of other individual.

  1. Sending Auto Messages on Twitter

You need to stop sending the automatic messages on Twitter. The strategy worked before but it only makes people to unfollow you these days. Scheduling content with tools such as Buffer is beneficial but not the auto messages on social profiles.

  1. Multiple Hashtags on Twitter

Just like RTs, hastags such as #web design #SEO increases a post’s outreach. However, these don’t carry the weight today as they once did. Instead of using multiple generic hastags, use a hashtag such as #SMM and #Growthhacking to connect to bots. This will put your content in front of the real people having interest in your topic.

Social media changes frequently but the key is to sustain success on the platform to adapt to the latest trends, to stay on top of the marketing game.

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