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5 SEO Tips to Increase Traffic in 2016

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Blogging is a great way to boost search rankings for B2C and B2B marketers. However, it has to be done long term to deliver appropriate results. You can further increase your outreach by combining it with SEO, however, be careful when doing so. The methods that worked in past can penalize you today, so it’s important to review your SEO strategy first. On the other hand, the techniques that didn’t work before are now used by experts for improving search rankings.

Popular traffic building methods today includes social media, blogging, SEO and email marketing. The best way is to implement these methods as a combination with each other. For instance, blogging can enhance your rankings in search engines by optimizing posts and promoting them over social media and email.

Here are 5 useful tips to build a high volume of traffic to your site:

  1. Don’t Just Rely On Keywords

Google has become better at understanding user queries courtesy hummingbird update. This means that stuffed keyword content generated in the past doesn’t work today. However, this also doesn’t mean that you ignore to optimize content with keywords. What you need to do is use keywords naturally in your content and focus on providing quality information to users. If your goal is to rank on page 1 for a certain keyword then produce content that is good enough to rank no 1 in the first place. There are no shortcuts to success and Google is closing on all the loopholes in its algorithm to rule out spammers from the SEO industry.

  1. Share Content on Social Media

This is the most important aspect of online marketing today. About 2 million blogs are posted every day and if you want yours to get the limelight, you need to seriously reach out to your audience through social media by building your brand.

Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus seriously by joining relevant groups and engaging with people. The more following you develop, the more prominent you become in the eyes of Google.

Even though social media users are not ready to buy a product like organic users, they are always ready to share rich informative topics. Creating thoughtful and informative content will enhance user experience and doing it on a consistent basis will make them visit your website. This will eventually increase your engagement level on the social media channels also offering backlinks against content pages in the forms of shares and likes.

Even though Google hasn’t exclusively announced the impact of social media on SEO, it still can’t be ignored today for its surprising number of benefits.

  1. Don’t Go For Quantity

Gone are the days to rank your site by obtaining an infinite number of links. No doubt links are a detrimental factor in search rankings; however, link blasting and creation of thin content are dead. Today, only the quality links work courtesy Penguin update by Google. So focus on providing information through your links instead of just doing it for the sake of link building for SEO.

  1. Earn links through Content

Earned links are those that are naturally shared by users. Instead of focusing on building links, increase your content outreach to earn links through it. Figure out what your audience is and then cater to their needs through your content. You need to create content for your target audience on a regular basis to earn it.

When you guest post on a website, you get a link for your time and effort. Earned links, on the other hand, are acquired automatically when a user shares your content on their site.

  1. Go Mobile

Changing technology trends have increased the ways of viewing information online today. People use all types of device such as SmartPhones, tablets and laptops to access information. This means changing your site’s layout through responsive web design has become more significant than ever to reach your potential mobile users. Google has also ensured search ranking benefits for responsive websites, through the introduction of its Mobile Update, “Mobilegeddeon” last year.

Bottom Line

SEO today is a long term strategy and doesn’t work by building links blindly. You need to incorporate useful content addressing the needs of your audience. Complement it further by building a presence on social media to ensure organic traffic to your site.

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