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5 Tips to Generating Awesome Website Leads for SEO

Small businesses are always looking to generate leads through a site. However, they do not have a lot of resources to do that. Fortunately, Medialinkers SEO agency suggests simple hacks to generating relevant site leads, such as:

Generating Website Leads

  1. Go Responsive & Mobile

Everyone knows that mobile traffic is increasing; a lot of businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly site. Turning your site into an online visibility will help in driving website traffic for delivering a good user experience.  However, this won’t require a lot of investment at your end.  It depends on the type of design and current platform; however, you can view it as an investment.

  1. Implement Solid SEO

A lot of businesses focus on generating high quality content on their site which is not a bad strategy at all. But just content won’t help in getting a site ranked. It needs to be promoted and complimented with a proper SEO strategy, vital for achieving all those important things. You also need to forget about the old rules where every page had 5% keywords.

Algorithms also pick on key search terms users want and these need to be included as naturally as possible. Before investing money on getting a SEO consultant to do the content and marketing work, try to hire a professional who knows in and out of digital marketing. They will share with you an honest opinion instead of changing everything from scratch.

  1. Prominent

Branding, contact details and forms with everything else must be displayed prominently on each page.  It also needs to be interactive for the users. Navigation needs to be user friendly and the forms have to be simple to use. Make sure everything is easily visible across a mobile screen.

  1. Minimalist

A cluttered site will put off users quickly. The look needs to be professional. There needs to be a lot of space between the images and text. Your offer needs to appear as a banner at the page top not dominating it with massive images. You also get less choice for users navigating through a site leading to a minimalist design.

  1. Imagery

Instead of going to Google images for getting pictures which have been used multiple times, try to get some through your own camera. Picture items against a plain background will make images stand out in the crowd. Place those images on social media profiles with links to sites. Social media is all about getting creative with text and images, so make the most of it to generate awesome leads.

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