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5 Tips to Generating Guest Post Ideas

Guest Post Tips

Guest Posting is still a very lucrative method of link building, as it spreads the word about your brand and helps to build relationships. However, for this to happen, you need to go about guest posting the right way as it can hurt rankings otherwise. The method of buying guest posting networks is not effective anymore. You have to go out there, build connection and pitch up the opportunities for effective results. Some people think of it as a numbers game whereas others prefer quality over quantity. However, how do you come up with guest posting ideas to pitch to high quality blogs? Given below are some ways presented by web design Kennesaw SEO team to do it.

  1. Do a Detailed Target Site Analysis

Carry out a detailed search about the different metrics of a site such as its target audience and style of articles. Then craft your message, keeping in the mind the content type to relate to the community.

So questions to assist in research can be:

  • Is the audience male or female?
  • The topics of interest
  • The style of articles, such as long posts, how-to, tips, lists etc.
  • The articles visual or written

When targeting a high quality site, you can subscribe to the social profiles and RSS feed to get their content feel. Use feedly for managing the subscription since it helps in sorting and tagging through different sites quickly. After having a site’s feel and type of content it prefers, you will get the ideas about the type of content you want to pitch.

In other words, once you have a site’s persona, it becomes easy to produce content for that site.

  1. Use SEMRush and BuzzSumo for Trending Content Ideas

Coming up with good guest posts is easy when you have knowledge about a specific industry. The two platforms BuzzSumo and SEMRush are very effective when finding about the trending content topics.

Using BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo not only offers trending content pieces, but also shows social proof against them. It shows interactions on all the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. A site with high number of Pinterest shares means female audience. On the other hand, seeing a lot of LinkedIn shares mean business-oriented crowd. Just insert the keyword in the search bar to see the type of content getting the highest number of clicks and shares to get ideas for your content.

Using SEMRush

SEMRush is another powerful tool that helps in getting content ideas from SEO perspective. It also displays the site’s best content in the search engine result pages.

  1. Research Site’s Competitors

When doing research and outreach for clients and personal sites, familiarize with Google’s advanced search operators. In order to find competing sites with target audience, you can use “related: query” to bring up the relevant sites in Google search results.  If you are using the paid version, search the competitor’s information such as articles they are getting the most traffic for. This way you will be able to record guest posting ideas.

  1. Use Forums for Idea Generation

Forums present a lot of useful idea generation opportunities. You can find forums by typing “forum: [yourkeywords]” or inserting keyword + forum to get a host of forums to search through. When you don’t have the budget to use, search through the communities to check if anything catches your eye and jot down the important topics on a notepad. Run the topics through Buzzsumo to see if they are getting social shares. You can also check for top keywords through the free version of Ahrefs relevant to that topic to get ideas flowing in mind.

  1. Search through Online Books

A little more manual approach is to go to an online booking selling site such as Amazon.com. There, you will find many books relevant to your category and go through the table of contents in those that have a “look inside” feature.

When you are brand new to a niche, try to find a method which offers a decent overview of the target audience problems to help in crafting a good title for guest posting reasons. Amazon is a great place to find good guest posting ideas. You can also go through physical books and libraries to find useful content ideas. Write the ideas in a notebook while searching through different books.

Bottom Line

Guest posting is one of the most lucrative link building ways, however, the right idea generation and approaching high quality blogs is where most of the bloggers struggle. However, by applying the above mentioned techniques, you will get a high approval rate against your guest posts. For professional content generation, you can also contact the Medialinkers SEO and content generation service in Kennesaw.