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6 Factors that Contribute to the Leaving of Your Site’s Visitors

Part of having a successful website is attracting visitors. Keeping those visitors on your site, however, is another topic altogether. Of course, once you have the visitor on your site you’ll want to keep them around for a while rather than seeing them quickly leaving to go somewhere else.

Having a successful website means having a good traffic rate and conversion. By keeping the visitors on your site, you can increase the chances of sale conversions. However, there are some website glitches which make the visitors leave your site as soon as they open it. All these factors are discussed below:

For doing a good job related to the retaining of visitors, you need to think about the cause of visitors leaving your site.

Not Easily Accessible

Easy accessibility is a hot word around the developers and the designers, but for a really good reason. In case a site is inaccessible to a user, they would not regard it not matter how great it actually is. In case the user can’t access the site, then they don’t have any option but to leave it. With the different browsers, internet connections and needs of the users, creation of an accessible site is an effective and attractive challenge.

Bad Navigation

If the visitors are having a hard time through what they are looking for, then they would happily switch to another site. For making this easier, you need to provide them with a good navigation. The pages which are important and most commonly sought after have to be found easily and navigation must be intuitive and logical for them. The larger sites can display a sitemap for the users.

A lot of external links

A lot of sites have got links to other sites and blogs are mostly full of external links. This link makes the visitors to return and not come back, despite having an intention to provide them with more information. You need to plan out the placement of using the external links so that you don’t detract the user from the purpose of the page.


Ads are a source of income for many sites but they also turn the users away. The purpose of the advertiser is to have a text link or a banner on the site for more clicks. You have to sell your web space if you want to sell ads otherwise you won’t be able to  sell the ads and this would give one less excuse for your visitors to leave the site.

Annoying Advertisements

Even though ads can lead to a lot of visitors for the clicks on the ads, they can also chase away the visitors if they are too distracting and intrusive. A lot of visitors have become accustomed to blog ads but still there shouldn’t be a lot of ads to turn users away.


Check the visitors and their time they are spending on your site. Eventually every user would leave. This means that you need to monitor their activities on your site and be satisfied if they are leaving your site at a positive note.

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