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6 Important Tips to Plan a Web Design Project

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Whether you are starting or developing a new team from scratch, it is necessary to emphasize on your web design process to get around the deadlines easily without trouble. According to the designers at Medialinkers, you can take help from the following strategy. Here’s our process and how we developed it over our many years in business:

  1. Research Everything

The first thing required in a design process is to conduct a research. For helping your client reach a goal, you need to understand what a problem is. Study the existing sites to get started:

  • Check the brand’s voice
  • What they say about a brand?
  • What are their goals?
  • Who are their audience?
  • What do they are looking for as potential clients?
  1. Studying Competition

You have design hypothesis and assumptions sometimes. But it is also important to look elsewhere for the inspiration. What design elements are used by the competitors. A few questions to answer are as follow:

  • Analyze your target market and client activities
  • Identify the elements clients are working on
  • Use their site as inspiration

3. Take inspiration

After you are clear about the problems you want to solve, you need to come up with your own ideas to solve them. Some of the ways you can take inspiration from a site include:

  • com and Awwwards.com, as they have got good new ideas.
  • com and Behance for taking inspirtation regarding the visual elements.
  • Visit art galleries and museums to take inspiration for a future project.
  • Take inspiration from billboards, nature and magazine etc.

4. Building a Design Studio

Brainstorm and gather your thoughts in a place to look it all at once. The process is all about the quality instead of the quantity. You can put your ideas even when you think are crazy. You never know if a crazy idea may just serve your purpose.

You may have done the research but other may be lagging behind. Fill them in to get everyone on the same page. Make sure you are clear about what you are designing for including the platform type. Explain what are the circumstances you are designing for. Design a landing page for a local grocer to add items in the basket without needing to visit a page. Each member in a design team is presented with the an opportunity to come forward with their ideas to be implemented in the final design. The design studio is a great way to work together and can be enhance to other procedures too.

5. Build wireframes and prototypes

The wireframing procedure starts right after the design studio phase. You need to build wireframes that take information architecture, content to design a layout and research. No images, logo and content boxes are positioned appropriately without a wireframe. There are a number of tools available to help you in wireframing the design of your product.

6. Polish with strong visual design elements

When you are ready, you need to have a strong handle on a visual design procedure. The visual design elements need to please the users. Think about using a video, animation and other unique content to delight your customers completely. Also, focus on SEO elements as it is important these days.



After following the above procedure, you will be able to create a design that will not only make your customer happy but will also offer consistency in results.