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How to do Keyword Research for a Local Business?

Keyword research

Keywords are a key to any search engine optimization campaign’s success. You just have to select the right keywords to brighten up your traffic chances. Even though, it is a complicated and time consuming process, there are some basic ways to get around it. For a local PPC campaign, you don’t have to shortlist thousands of keywords. Just put yourself in client shoes and think what will be typed by the ideal client to search a local business such as yours?

Write down all the keywords that come to your mind without using any tools to finish the initial round of keyword research.  Now, select the best yet most targeted keywords. For example businesses related to web design can have the following keywords:

  • Website designing
  • Website design
  • Website designers

For some other business based on digital marketing services, the keywords can be:

  • SEO services
  • SEO content
  • Digital marketing

You cannot start the campaign yet targeting these keywords.  You need to insert city names you serve, in these keywords to laser target your audience reach, such as website designing Atlanta, web design Atlanta and website designers Atlanta. Same is the case with the SEO based keywords and in fact all the type of services your business extends.

For a Limited Budget

Don’t start a campaign on broad keywords such as web design when on a limited budget.  There are some users who may type web design to search a good web design company but you don’t know for certain, if the query is typed to find a company or to gain some information about the discipline itself.

For broad keywords like these, you will have to face completion from all businesses based on web design including the educational and training institutions. A local business cannot simply compete on a national level when starting out. The best way is to target locally, not only this has less competition but also increases chances of relevant audience reach.

Add more local keyword variations to your campaign to increase click through rate and traffic along the way. In short, the more specific you are about a service, the more successful your campaign will become.

Don’t spend endless hours in trying to find the right keywords. The keywords are obvious for any local business. Take help from a tool, if you like but use your own brain to tweak things around. Results will start to follow by keeping things simple and consistent. You can also take professional assistance from a local SEO company like Medialinkers SEO services to get started in the right direction.