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Prepare your site for Cyber Monday for More Traffic and Sales

This time of the year is the most hectic shopping period of the year, both in the mortar and the brick stores and even online. Even though the black Friday is gone, but there is still cyber Monday which falls right after thanksgiving, which is the busiest shopping day of the year. So how can you achieve the most for your website through this day?

Discount Offer

Go through the sites and check the products that you can offer as a discount. You can cut prices across the board for an increased sales overall and you can think of a long term strategy, which needs to be planned for making sure that you get the customers to the store both on the sale day and the day coming back later.

You also need to discount your bestselling items for creating a buzz and you may need to take the opportunity for shifting some backroom stock that is there for a while.


With the sales, you would want to swap out the banner images for the ones promoting the reduced prices. Coming to Christmas, you need to swap the images of the products for the ones which can offer a festive feel. Always remember that you need to have a series of suitable images for the social media, as the suitable graphics would go a long way in promoting your site.

Plan your Advertising

The social media advertising and a PPD campaign run by Google is one thing which you need to drive people to store. You need to target the right people at the right time, making sure that your ads go right up in front of them. You need to work out if the Facebook campaign or the adwords campaign is right for you.

Neglecting Cart Emails

Various people come to your store for shopping and leave before they are finished with it. You can always set up the site so that whenever some leaves the items in the basket, you can always send them a friendly reminder to come back with an additional discount for luring them in.

You don’t need to scroll past these tips, as there are businesses which make 25% of the sales from these methods which mean that this method is worth investing.

Mailing the Checkups List

As you already have a library of vast people who have purchased from your before, you need to line them up and target them through emails for getting more sales. This would help you in also building your email list to another level.

Customer Service Skills

You also need to ensure that customer service is ready and raring to go. You would require a live chat function on the store number where your team can be reached in an instant and to help with the customer enquiries.

This means that a quick response in building your site can make a huge difference. This is why you need to ensure that the FAQs Page on your website is up to date, without the included latest frequently asked questions.

If you require any technical assistance, you can always consult with the professional team of Medialinkers for having a brand new website developed for your business.