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Use Facebook’s new “Breakup tool’ for Your Ex

Breaking up isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go unfriend or block your ex as with the help of the Facebook’s new tools, you have an option to manage the complicated relationships in a better way. The tools are designed for giving the user’s option for digitally distancing yourself from the previous loved ones without much drastic measures.


According to Facebook, the company would prompt the users into trying the new tools when changing their relationship status on the social network. You would be shown the option to see less from the person as well as an option for a limit that the person sees from you. This way, you can make changes to the past photos and the posts. This idea is geared towards giving the two parties some space in the virtual sense, after the breakup.


With this new option from Facebook, you would be able to tell FB if they are going to see less of the person in question, which means that you wouldn’t be able to see the person’s posts in the News Feed. You would also ne not notified through the auto-suggestions for massaging them or tagging them in the pictures. Before this new option, Facebook kept ex from showing up in the sidebar “Photo Memories” module which was good but not enough.


Your ex isn’t going to be notified when you make these changes. This is a major plus as unfriending and blocking a person is easy to deduce. Most of the times, unfriending and blocking becomes an awkward situation and make things much worse.


In addition to the disappearance of the ex’s name and posts from News Feed, you can always limit the ex from what can be seen about you. On another screen, you can also choose to maintain the current privacy settings. You can also choose to hide the posts from the person in question.

This means that the ex is only going to see the posts which you have tagged for them to see or those that are shared publicly or on the mutual friends’ timelines. This would also limit the ability for seeing the posts that you are tagged in at the same time, even if those aren’t the pictures or items you have posted.

Facebook also provides you an option for adjusting the privacy associated with each and to Untag yourself from them. This would provide you with a choice as if never happened and honestly speaking; going through the process of adjusting and untagging the privacy would be quite cathartic.

You can always make such adjustments on an individual basis or in bulk. This would make the posts visible to the people who are tagged in them, according to Facebook. The second option helps in adjusting the privacy of photos and posts after a breakup before you befriend another new flame. It’s quite useful, as you know it’s quite natural for the ex to scroll through your old pictures, stalking you for the first time.


In case, you have broken up with your ex and have adjusted the Facebook status accordingly, then you can always go back to using this tool, and can also ask for help from Facebook. The tools have rolled out in the US on the mobile only and are optional at this time, but the Facebook can make further adjustments before launching these to the wider user audience.


Even though Facebook is focusing on the fallout of the failed romantic relationships, these types of tools would guide you through the process for making the personal changes better for reflecting your real world relationships and would also be welcome in the other areas of the digital lives. For instance, you can make sure that the grandparents don’t see the wild parties or the casual acquaintances don’t get to see deeply into your life.


However, the “Facebook Breakup” would help those who need a break from their significant other without having to forcefully ban them for their life. For more information about Facebook latest updates or any help regarding the social media marketing using Facebook, you can contact the technical team at www.medialinkers.org.