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WordPress vs Squarespace for SEO: Which One Should You Choose?

Wordpress squarespace

A lot of time, we hear people say that the platform we choose for the development of a site has an impact on its SEO.  WordPress followers are always of the view that the platform has an abundance of SEO plugins available that assists in the SEO campaign. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO pack are two great examples of the plugins available for SEO. Another popular content management system includes Squarespace, which also claims to be a good search engine optimization solution.  Site title, Meta descriptions and Sitemaps are already embedded in the CMS, which nullifies the need to install plug-ins. Squarespace also comes built with Google Analytics which means you do not need to add any tracking code to monitor traffic activities which you would otherwise need to do with WP.  So which platform is better: WordPress or Squarespace? Check out a few facts and figures compiled by Web Design Service Kennesaw.

How Does a CMS Affect SEO?

You need to clear one thing before diving deeper about WordPress and Squarespace. Content Management System cannot be fully optimized on its own. They do come equipped with SEO capabilities however; SEO is a complicated marketing technique that requires a comprehensive strategy including all the on-page and off the page factors. Selecting Squarespace or WordPress will have an impact on your site but; it will not affect the off-page factors such as links, brand trust and the social media shares. These factors impact the overall SEO strategy.

WordPress for SEO

WordPress is the most popular Google-friendly CMS platform available today. It is a reliable and affordable open source CMS platform with a wealth of plug-in options (from maintaining social shares to A/B testing). The SEO WordPress plugins put you in full control of a site’s architecture and its HTML structure. You can organize its HTML features such as page titles, headers, Meta descriptions and a site’s architecture.

Yoast SEO wordpress plug-in is commonly used world over for the on-page SEO settings. Squarespace founder also stated that the company scans the top WP plugins on a regular basis to get inspiration for SquareSpace’s SEO. Through WordPress, you get the potential for getting the best SEO optimization. You will not have to spend time in researching, installing and downloading this plug-ins. With the Squarespace platform, you can have an entire team managing the background procedure for you.

Squarespace for SEO

If you are a person who forgets to set SEO elements then Squarespace is a better fit for the on-site SEO needs. When you are new to the SEO world, it is tough knowing about the SEO techniques critical for a site. The platform also makes designing of beautiful web pages easy on the desktop and mobile platform. There are many Squarespace templates available, providing the best SEO practices including sitemaps for search engine crawling.

Sitemaps are important for SEO, as they make it easy for the web crawlers to find ways through a site, making sure that the content pops up in the search engine results. According to Moz CEO,Rand Fishkin, Squarespace is a good option for SEO in different aspects compared to WordPress.

But Rand also says that WP can be fully customized to exceed the Sqaurespace SEO capabilities. Many squarespace users have objected about the difficulties they face while updating the Meta tag description in a custom code area of the platform.

Rand Fishkin also shared that his endorsement for Squarespace was made 2 years ago and the platform has changed since then. Coming back to the WordPress versus Squarespace debate, for users looking for a self-hosted option that gives full control over customization, WordPress is a good solution.


When deciding between Squarespace and WordPress, thinking of SEO is important. In short, when you are comfortable with managing plugins for SEO, then self-hosted WP is the right choice for you, however if you have problems covering the plugins then Squarespace will manage the SEO bases for you. You also need to understand that on-site SEO is one part of the story. You need to build quality content, backlinks and social sharing for a successful SEO campaign.

You can also consult with Medialinkers web development agency to develop either a custom CMS from scratch or setup the Squarespace or the WordPress platforms for your needs.